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As you age, your digestive system tends to lose certain enzymes that are crucial for breaking down food and absorbing the required nutrients. Your kidneys and your liver also become less efficient. As a result, your body develops food intolerance which may manifest in terms of discomfort, abdominal pain, and rashes among other things. Some patients remain asymptomatic and do not realize that they have an issue until the nutritionist recommends food allergy testing.

Once you complete our food sensitivity testing in Rancho Bernardo, CA, an experienced physician and a dietician will review your reports. They will also listen to your concerns and conduct a thorough physical examination before creating the perfect treatment plan. The protocol may require you to avoid certain foods. Your doctor may also recommend some medications.

At Silvergate Medical Corp, hundreds of patients have undergone food sensitivity diagnosis. We strive to provide accurate results. Our patients have been immensely satisfied with their prognosis. As always, we consider the long-term benefits before determining the success of our treatment protocol.

Apart from food sensitivity, we also diagnose and treat other gastrointestinal ailments with our GI distress profile testing and our metabolic assessments. We believe in providing comprehensive care and support to individuals of all ages. We also help the elderly cope with food sensitivity issues without compromising on the quality of their lives.

Food is an important aspect of every lifestyle. Hence, sensitivity and intolerance can have a debilitating impact. Our physicians and nutritionists will, however, work hard to simplify the process for you.

Do not let such issues overwhelm you. Seek our help today.

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